Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Cactus boy

Some projects seem charmed.  All the pieces come together easily.  No mistakes.  From idea to finished item in a week or two.

This project has been the exact opposite.  I kept running out of material, and when I substituted, I ran out of the substitute.  I had to redo an arm three times, because it kept being bigger than the other one.  All my sewing came out wonky and I had to unpick stitches and do them over.  I lost sleep because I _JUST_WANTED_TO_FINISH dang it.

It's done now though.  Yeah!  It's huge.  (See the other toys in the photo). Take that Cactus Boy.  You're now a finished object.

Made by me from a pattern by Lydia Tresselt at LalyLala.

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