Wednesday, April 1, 2015

After the fair

We ran our first craft booth at e-Curve last Sunday.  We didn't sell much but we learned a lot.  We learned that running a booth for 12 hours is tiring. It's taken me 3 days just to get the energy to write this post!

The little guy was great at setup and little lady proved to be a gracious and tireless sales lady.  She's very serious when she says it's her dream is to run an arts and craft shop, and she's proven she's willing to work for it.  It means that we've decided to try running a booth again in the next few months.  Now I've got to rethink our stock and research to find a venue that works better for us.

I'll be sharing some of the things we made.  Here's one of the little lady's projects; hand drawn bookmarks.

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